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HardCabs introduces Full Cab Enclosure for Kioti K9 2400 vehicle

Posted: September 20, 2018

Built to Last the Life of your Vehicle!

HardCabs is proud to introduce a new member to our lineup, the Kioti K9 2240 full cab kit.

This cab is constructed of some of the toughest materials available so you can do the work without worrying about our equipment. Full clear doors made of 2x hardcoated UV polycarbonate not only keep you out of the elements, but give you complete visibility front-to-back, top-to-bottom whether you’re pushing the plow or rounding up the herd.  Polycarbonate is so scratch resistant you can hold a weedwacker up to is and it won’t show a mark.

Tempered safety glass front windshield with a safety laminate (made by 3M) applied to the inside of that glass to give you an extra layer of protection. All the standard HardCabs features are included such as the side view mirrors, gas spring assist tip-out front windshield and steel roof with sound deadening insulation. Available separately is a wiper/washer and heater (hot water). Our heaters include an inline top brand fluid pump, so you will get the heat even when your engine is in idle.

The first shipment is due here around the first week of November, so get your pre-orders in now. First come, first served. MSRP is $3,750.00

Order by calling 630-324-8585 or email [email protected]