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HardCabs Features



UTV Hard Cab featuresOur Standard UTV Hard Cab Enclosures Include:

Front Windshield Tilt-out Tempered Safety Glass windshield with safety laminate

A STANDARD FEATURE on all of our cabs is our signature gas spring assist tilt-out windshield. We use automotive grade tempered glass and then add a safety laminate to the inside for extra protection. The windshield has heavy duty hinges on the top, and gas springs which allow ease of handling while opening and locking the window in the vented driving mode, or opening it all the way while parked or idling for the full fresh air effect.

Heavy duty roofs

All of the DFK cabs come complete with either a steel or rugged plastic roof. These roofs seal completely against the roll cage to lock out any moisture.

Polycarbonate Doors and Back Windshield

When riding in a DFK cab, you get the best of both worlds. As you sit in your wind and rain/snow free environment, the clear poly doors give you the feeling of being outside. Also great for applications where maximum visibility in all directions is necessary for safe operation. Our Polycarbonate is 2x hard-coated and UV treated to give maximum scratch resistance and protection from the rays of the sun. Each door has a sliding window for ventilation. All doors have an automotive style pin latching system and matched keylocks. All front doors include side view mirrors as STANDARD Equipment.   See Video of Scratch Test HERE

Easy installation

No drilling into the UTV frame is necessary.

Wiper/Washer Kits (optional)

Optional features include wiper/washer kits, available for every cab.

Heaters (optional)

Our heaters are tied-in to the coolant system of your vehicle. The style of heater depends upon the vehicle make/model. Each heater has a heat and defrost function, a 3-speed blower, and fluid pump to keep the vehicle warm even when in idle.

Check our Cabs page for compatibility with your vehicle’s year of production.

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