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Arctic Cat Prowler Pro 800 cabs available later this Summer

Posted: July 21, 2021

HardCabs has developed 2 brand new cabs to fit the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro 800 which also fits the Tracker 800.

The Premium Cab version is unlike any cab we have ever made.  Following along with our proven rugged cab design this version includes our hardcoated and UV treated clear polycarbonate doors offering maximum scratch resistance and an unmatchable view from the inside.  The standard tip-out glass windshield is made of DOT approved tempered safety glass and allows locking in the 5″ vented position or full extension powered by the gas spring assist (not a recommended driving position).

Additional features never before offered on one of our cabs include integrated front LED lights and an elevated rear brake light built in to the roof panel.  No need to spend extra money on a light bar!

The rear windshield includes a sliding panel for extra ventilation.

The electronic center for all the new cab features is the Wiper Motor assembly, which not only houses the switches for the forward LED lights and the Wiper/Washer function, but also has an LED dome light for interior illumination.

Also available is a built-in heater unit with vents for defrost as well as cab heat.

The Protector Cab version is built for the customer that needs a hard cab but does not require all the features of the Premium Cab.  This new addition to our Protector Cab family has the traditional hard plastic doors with the built-in sliding windows.  The front windshield is fixed, but still made of the DOT approved tempered safety glass.

The Wiper/Washer with the LED dome light for interior illumination is also available with this cab as is the built-in heater kit.

Both kits will be available through HardCabs dealers late summer 2021.Arctic Cat Prowler Pro 800 PREMIUM CAB

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