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HardCabs offers a wiper/washer kit for every cab we sell.  This center mount system swipes the main viewing area for both the driver and passenger.  The washing system uses a pump and reservoir just like your car.


Heaters tie in to the coolant system of the vehicle.  There are 2 main heater designs that we use;  a heater that fits in the glove box and a heater that is drilled in to the dashboard of the vehicle.  The type of vehicle you have will determine which heater we have designated for that particular model.  In both cases the heaters provide heat and defrost function.  Each heater has a 3 speed blower, and a special fluid pump that keeps pushing fresh hot coolant to the heater core even when the engine is in idle.  This pump system is INCLUDED with almost every heater we sell.

Floor Mats

In 2020 HardCabs introduced a front and rear floor mat set for the ROXOR.  These mats are made of heavy duty, high grade rubber and are precision fit from our 3D scanning technology.  (See more pictures on ROXOR2 and ROXOR4 pages)  More floor mats sets for other cab kits are on the horizon.