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Why buy Windshield Insurance??

Posted: July 16, 2018

You’ve just invested in a HardCab for your new UTV, a product that is designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle. You hit the trail on a cool morning for a day ride and BLAM, a rock flies up and shatters your front windshield. The safety laminate prevents the glass from flying in on you or your passenger, but now you have a vehicle that you can’t use until the glass gets replaced. Just like your car or your mobile phone, glass is not included in the warranty. You probably didn’t realize that a new windshield will cost you a minimum of $425 including shipping!
Remember to purchase the DFK HardCabs Glass Insurance with your cab and for a fraction of that replacement cost you will be back on the trail in no time. We offer a 2-year plan for the low price of $99. As with all windshield replacements we ask you to remove and save all the hardware from the broken windshield and we will send you a replacement glass with the perimeter rubber seal.
Check out the program on the OWNERS PACKET tab at www.hardcabs.com or call us at 630-324-8585.