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Pioneer 1000 Windshield Kits Now Available

Posted: May 8, 2019

HardCabs is now selling a Windshield ONLY Kit to fit the Honda Pioneer 1000-3 and 1000-5.

As with all HardCabs windshields, the Kit includes:

  • Full Tempered Safety Glass
  • Heavy Duty upper hinges
  • 2-position Tilt-out function with gas spring assist
  • Wiper/Washer Ready
  • Fully sealed
  • FITS with HONDA ROOF and most other offerings

These kits are available at Honda dealers selling HardCabs products.  Retail price for the Windshield Kit is $975.  Retail Price for the Wiper/Washer kit is $445.

If your Honda Dealer is not selling HardCabs products, tell them to call us!  Ask for HardCabs!

HP1000-WSA-750x750 HP1000-WSB-750x606 HP1000-WSC-750x738 HP1000-WSD-750x707